flavor and compliment

Condiment magazine-- yum. 


Editor's Note:

"For the most part, food is nature at its most familiar. While views on its production and presentation become ever more complex and conflicted, it is nevertheless us that set the parameters.
As its masters we think: food is here to serve us. But quite possibly: we are here to serve food.  Reversing the roles and giving up control is an eye-opening exercise. After all it is we who are dependent on food, and not food that is dependent on us.
One key attribute to the good servant is enthusiasm and enthusiasm is most often found in the amateur. The true amateur, of which E.C. Large was proudly an advocate, is defined as “one who loves”.
Beyond our own lack of expertise, although that is true too, it is this simple sentiment that has informed  Condiment – Adventures in Food and Form. Equal parts wonder and worship, each page of this publication is not as much about what we do know as what we don’t."

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